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We aim to recycle 100% of the waste tipped at our site.


Our Armthorpe Recycling Centre is licensed to receive inert construction and demolition waste, which generally includes brick, concrete, hardcore, soil and stones.

By tipping at our Armthorpe Recycling Centre you are helping the environment as the waste received is the core input material to our recycling operation.

We aim to recycle 100% of the waste tipped at our site.

EWC Codes

Acceptable at our Armthorpe site are the following EWC codes:

– 17 01 01
– 17 01 02
– 17 01 03
– 17 01 07
– 17 02 02
– 17 03 02
– 17 05 04
– 17 05 08
– 17 09 04

Hazardous or Green Waste

We do not accept hazardous or green waste. For any waste that is not acceptable under our licence we work with various landfill sites so that your construction and demolition waste can be properly disposed of.

Our Standards

The waste producer must classify its waste (assign a EWC code) by determining the composition of the waste and assess if it has hazardous properties or components, which may require chemical analysis.

If the waste is going to a landfill site, further analysis (WAC testing) will be required. Appropriate segregation, classification and analysis of the waste will enable the most cost effective disposal route to be determined.

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Inert construction and demolition waste can be tipped at our fully licenced site either using your own transport or utilising our fleet of tipper trucks. As we recycle all the waste received at our site you will also be meeting your environmental responsibilities.

Our fleet of tipper trucks and flexible reliable delivery service will ensure that you can remove the waste from your site when you need to. By using Yorkshire Aggregates to remove any waste and deliver aggregates we can provide an even greater cost effective service, lowering your costs but maintaining quality.

As you will be a waste producer there are strict legal guidelines to be followed so contact Yorkshire Aggregates on 01302 831280 or email at and our experienced team can assist you in meeting your obligations.